Wine Razor Riesling

Jim Barry was a huge influence on the reputation of South Australia’s Clare Valley as a top Riesling region, founding the winery in 1959 with his wife Nancy. His son Peter now runs the company, who I first met while working for Oddbins in 2013, and his Riesling was one of the first I had tasted from the region.


They have just produced the first Australian Assyrtiko, the Greek grape grown on the island of Santorini and famed for it’s high acidity and piercing minerality — a wine to look out for.


This Riesling carries the signature calling card of the Clare Valley, intense lime character (juice, zest), and a bone-dry, whistle clean finish as lithe as a whippet — slammed back at Planet Of The Grapes in Holborn on a warm evening, surely the best named wine bar in London?