Megadeth Beer – À Tout Le Monde

As well as founding one of the greatest thrash metal bands of all time – celebrating 35 years this year – Dave Mustaine has recently released a Megadeth  beer, a Belgian style saison brewed by Unibroue, one of the most highly rated breweries in North America, who have won a hatful of medals along the way.

Crisp, beautifully balanced, subtle hop character, touch of coriander and lemony citrus, with a great little spicy lick at the end. Would work beautifully with spicier Thai curries, or taming the chilli heat of a Malaysian laksa noodle soup.

À Tout Le Monde  is the name of one of the tracks from the Megadeth album Youthanasia (1994). Dave’s interest in the drinks industry also includes Mustaine Vineyards, a winemaking project which includes La Reve, the family’s private estate vineyard in California. He’s often seen enjoying good food and drinks on his Instagram feed: it’s not all thrash, thrash, thrash.

Winning its first Gold Medal last year for ‘Best Saison’, scoring the highest points in its category in the World Beer Championships, the beer has only recently become available in the UK.

Right, I’m off to listen to Holy Wars…The Punishment Due  (Rust In Peace, 1990)