Wine Step To It

Stomper. The ancient art of ‘pigeage’ is celebrated in the name of this wine, the ‘little’ referring to the fact only small children could fit into the top of one of the barrels to foot crush the grapes. Ah, the romance of winemaking is still alive.

Six friends decided to start the winery after the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, after which Managing Director Angela Clifford thought “something brave needs to be done next”, and they began by specialising in Pinot Noir and Riesling. ‘Little Stompers’ is a brilliant off-shoot.

Two separate vats are involved in this wine: one with Pinot Gris and a bit of Gewürztraminer (5%), the other with Pinot Gris with its stems intact, to be duly stomped.

Natural yeasts, a year in barrel, bottled without fining or filtration. A lot of guff is spouted about wines that tick the ‘natural wine’ boxes – and this sits firmly in that category – but this is clean, balanced, has heft and grippy texture (a beguiling russet tinged number) and is a captivating drop – (£26.95 retail).